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Providing manufacturers of electronic, aerospace, hardware, medical, and the automotive industry expert metal polishing, metal finishing and metal buffing services including grinding, satin finish, line graining, bright buffing and an extensive array of special finishes on aluminum, stainless steel. Let us help with all your metal polishing and metal buffing requirements. Located in Orange County near Los Angeles, CA.

(1)Our liability for any cause is limited to: The cost of direct labor and material costs or three times our processing charge on said material, whichever is less. (2) Products processed by us shall be persumed to be accepted as satisfactory by you if we are not notified in writing of damages, shortages or other discrepancies within three working days of your receipt of the same. Rejected parts must be returned to us for reprocessing. Further processing or assembly of said parts, by you or any other party shall constitute a waiver of any liability on our part. (3) Any invoice paid after the term date will be increased by 1.5% per month.