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24-inch Timesaver
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About Bud’s Metal Polishing

Since 1991, Bud’s Polishing has surpassed manufacturers’ demands for high quality metal buffing and polishing in aerospace, medical, electronic, aircraft metal polishing, metal buffing and metal finishing. Our experience stems from the principals, who have been committed to this industry for a quarter century. In fact, many of their original clients still turn to Bud for their metal polishing and buffing for consistent workmanship and competitive prices.

Beyond Normal Scope of Metal Polishing

Our knowledgeable staff is dedicated to giving you superior metal polishing,metal buffing and metal finishing service from start to finish. We look for opportunities to go beyond the normal scope of metal polishing; we can assist you with tasks such as:

  • Choosing the right substrate for your metal buffing or metal polishing job
  • Advising you on cost-effective pre-finishing steps
  • Planning assembly methods that are finishing-friendly
  • Connecting you with qualified metal finishing houses for your product’s final coating

Metal Polishing & Buffing High Standards

We can provide a Certificate of Conformance Memorandum when required for sanitary, military, and aircraft, aerospace metal polishing or metal buffing products. We are also happy to provide Surface Ra. test results.

Our job shop is a 5,000 square foot metal polishing, buffing and metal finishing building, which is equipped with:

  • 6 stand-up lathes
  • an 8-foot stroker for sanding
  • a 24″ timesaver-sanding abrasive machining, sheet metal buffing wide belt sanding
  • a 52″ timesaver-sanding abrasive machining, sheet metal buffing wide belt sanding
  • a 23″ x 35″ ultrasonic cleaner
  • a fully equipped burr bench room

Precision metal polishing & buffing workmanship and quick turnaround have always been the hallmark of our business—and have won us the accolades of our clients. Please use our online quote form to learn just how affordable our highly regarded metal polishing, buffing and metal finishing services can be. We would be proud to serve you.